Year Milestone
2016/3 Weld inspection system for tailor welded blank.
2015/8 Tandem tailor welded blank system.
2013/11 Laser welded stainless steel vessels for sulfuric acid.
2013/7 Fully automatic compact tailor welded blank system.
2011/8 Paper cup vision inspection system.
2011/3 Airbag laser welding system.
2010/12 Loading/unloading system - 1 robot for 4 machine centers.
2010/7 LCD panel frame laser welding system.
2010/6 The 2nd generation aluminum fuel filter laser welding system.
2010/5 Robot welding system with 2kW diode laser.
2009/6 The 3rd generation tailor welded blank system.
2008 Establish laser welding processing on nuclear waste storage tanks.
2008/9 Continuous laser welding system for stainless steel tubes.
2007 Foundation of Suzhou Leijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. as an affiliate of Laser-Stations, Inc. in China.
2007/10 X-ray tube laser welding system.
2007/10 Cylinder gasket laser welding system.
2007/1 Portable flagon laser welding system.
2006 Application of visual seam tracking technologies to laser welding processing.
2005/11 Transmission brake laser cutting system.
2005/8 Diamond die Galvo laser drilling system.
2003 The 2nd generation tailor welded blank system.
2003/6 Submerged pump impellers laser welding system.
2002 SBIR project of 3000W CO2 laser.
2002/4 Achieving 20,000 pcs/day of Apple ipod shell welding with 1 laser.
2002/3 Golf club laser welding system.
2001/11 The first generation tailor welded blank system.
2001/8 Pressure transducer laser welding system.
2000/9 Microwave device laser welding system.
2000/8 Transmission gear laser welding system.
1997 Spring washer laser cutting system.
1997 Fuel filter laser welding system.
1997/7 Foundation of Laser-Stations, Inc..

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