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About Us Since 1997, foundation of Laser Stations Inc., we delivered an automatic laser welding system for automobile fuel filters, which was the first high power laser welding application in Taiwan. As a pioneer of laser welding technology in Taiwan, we focus on developing high power laser applications in industrial market.
1997 - Delivered of the world’s 1st set of spring washer laser cutting system..
2001/11-Delivered of the first generation tailor welded blank system, and then established all of the tailor welded blank systems in Taiwan.
2002/04-Delivered of Apple ipod shell welding system, achieving 20,000 pcs/day with 1 laser. Successfully expand laser welding applications to 3C products.
2008-Through critical auditing and inspection, we successfully applied laser welding processing to nuclear waste storage tanks for nuclear power plant in Taiwan.
2009 - Integration of visual technologies to laser welding processing, we delivered the tailor welded blank system with seam tracking.
2013/03 - We delivered the first fully automatic compact tailored welded blank system, which is a unique and high efficiency system in this field.

Laser Stations determined to become the pioneer of laser processing in Taiwan. Our target is to provide total solutions of laser processing to industry with the advanced laser technologies. Our laser system provides the same quality and efficiency as the system made by the advanced laser companies.

Core Technologies

(1) Laser application and laser optical devices – Although we don’t manufacture lasers, but we know how to apply appropriate lasers for the system required.
(2) Automation – We provide customized automation solutions.
(3) Visual recognition – We provide digital imaging technologies to laser welding process and automation.
(4) System integration

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